The presence of saltwater, often in severe weather conditions presents unique challenges to engineers and component manufacture.   Seawater is highly corrosive because of high conductivity and the penetrating power of the chloride ion through surface films on metal.

Marine components need to be designed and manufactured so that there is no corrosion or seawater ingression as often these components are critical to navigation and communications, so reliability and longevity are essential to the safety of a crew and their vessel.

JK Engineering create precision components that address these challenging conditions and manufacture marine components designed to cope with long periods at sea exposed to the most severe weather conditions.  How does JK engineering meet your exacting demands and the challenges of the sea?

  1. Our continual investment in the latest technology allows us to produce complex components to the highest tolerance levels
  2. Our design to manufacture services including 3D CAD CAM services trouble shoot any weaknesses in the design and ensure the component can be correctly manufactured to the tolerances required
  3. We manufacture across a range of materials, including plastics, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other specialised materials and alloys
  4. Components are manufactured with a wide range of finishes and corrosion resistant coatings
  5. We can produce one off prototypes, small batch or high volume marine components
  6. Our inspection services ensure precision to NQA ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 9001

Most recently we have produced a range of waterproof camera enclosures for the Around the World Yacht Race.  Why not contact us to discuss your marine component requirements?

JK Engineering Specialists in precision engineered Marine Components.