jk engineering defence defense components specialists londonDefense/defence components have to be manufactured with extreme precision, and must continue to perform under the most challenging conditions.

JK Engineering’s CNC 5-axis milling stations can manufacture defence components in the quantities you need, in high-grade materials such as titanium. We already supply components to a number of defence contractors, for ground and air applications. Our 10 DMU Evo stations can produce thousands of components every week – so we can keep your component supply flowing, even in contingency situations where you may need to rapidly increase your orders. And our position close to the M25 and major airports means we can ship defence components overnight to most of Europe and North America.

We can also provide prototype defence components in the actual materials you need, so you can be sure your prototypes perform exactly as you expect. This is doubly important in an industry where innovation is critical.
jk engineering defence precision components london
We can work from your 2D drawings, or 3D CAD files. We use both 4 and 5-axis CNC machines to provide consistently accurate routing and drilling to produce the most complex and advanced defence components, including those with complex curved surfaces in a single process. This ensures industry-leading delivery times, while consistently providing the highest quality.

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