jk engineering EDM and die sink wire erode specialists londonThe demands for ever increasingly delicate and complex components and higher aspect ratios have sometimes limited the designer’s freedom to create components.

At JK Engineering we were quick to see the potential in EDM and have pursued its use outside its traditional use as a tool making machine, to allow us to use the processes’ inherent benefits at the forefront of complex component manufacture. As such, we are able help our customers manufacture their components with the use of both wire EDM and die sink EDM, which might have been impossible using traditional techniques in the past.

We have used our wire EDM and die sink EDM machines in market segments not necessarily associated with the process such as motorsport, oil and gas, aerospace, and medical. With several years’ experience of years of operating within these segments, we have gained a huge amount of expertise in cutting exotic materials such as titanium, aluminium, Inconel and MMC’s, along with some very challenging surface finish requirements. Underpinning this experience is the use of the machines on hard materials such as carbides and steels.

Electro Discharge Machining has advanced a great deal over the last five years, and with our continual investment policy, our machines have some of the most advanced cutting technology currently available. During our recent upgrade, we invested in the capability to use extremely fine wires to produce sharp internal corners.

Our machines are highly automated and our customers take advantage of this by loading multiple parts onto them, to allow lights- out running. With our larger EDM machine we are able to machine large and tall component, including:

  • Agie-Charmilles 440 CC
  • Agie-Charmilles Robo Form 35

If you are seeking professional Electro Discharge Machining services, or require further information about our production capabilities call JK Engineering now on +44 (0)1923 291555.

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