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Are you a school leaver between 16-19? Is University not for you? Didn’t get the grades or the Uni you wanted? Don’t despair!

There is a world of possibility out there. Earn as you learn and not have £30,000 of debt at the end of college! How? Precision engineering apprenticeships with JK Engineering.

Precision engineering is the glamorous side of engineering. No oil, no mess, no engines. We make precise parts out of exotic metals, by ‘milling’ on machines that cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. We make critical parts for aircraft, F1 cars, fighter jets and even robots – all to a hundredth of a millimeter. An apprenticeship at JK Engineering is the opportunity you are looking for. Why not show this page to your parents now?

Earn while you learn!

With JK Engineering you’ll have the opportunity to earn while you learn how to make precision engineering components out of titanium, aluminium and other incredible exotic alloys. Will you get paid? Yes!

•   Start on £6 per hour
•   Progress to £9 per hour in three years
•   Great promotion prospects

What will I be doing?

An apprenticeship at JK Engineering will train you to operate CNC machines, multi axis milling and measurement tools in temperature controlled rooms. You’ll learn how to set up a job using computers (CAD / CAM) and learn about manufacturing, quality and how metals behave. After a few years, you will know how to make the most accurate parts in the world using some of the most advanced tools ever invented.

Sounds great, but how do I know that I’ll like it?

Easy. Why not come down for the day, take a look around our factory and meet the team! Lunch is included, so what have you got to lose? Nothing!

OK I’ll try it -what do I do?

Simply fill out the short form below and we’ll call you back to arrange it all. Go on! Do it now!

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JK Engineering London aerospace defense medical components engineering apprenticeships

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