jk engineering quality control and inspection service iso9001 londonThe climate-controlled facility provides the backbone for JK Engineering’s independent quality control and inspection service, ensuring that temperature instability is eliminated. We have a comprehensive inspection department at  our customers’ disposal, which includes inspectors trained in aerospace and 3D laser scanning.

The laser inspection service gives:

  • Production of digital 3D models from existing components
  • None-contact inspection of delicate parts
  • Infinite resolution to complex shapes

Using off line programming, our highly experienced engineers can inspect and provide a detailed report on the quality and geometric accuracy of parts. With our two fully equipped inspection departments or sub-contract inspection services, we are supported by a fully certified quality system to enable us to complete ISIRs (Initial Sample Inspection Reports) or First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) in the shortest possible time.

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With vast experience in manufacturing, CNC milling and turning, 5 axis machining capabilities in automotive, medical, marine and aerospace, JK Engineering understand the requirements of submitting ISIRs (initial sample Inspection Report or First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR). Ourco-ordinate measuring machines (CMM) are operated by highly skilled and qualified engineers who will support you throughout the life of your project and associated machined components.

  • Our fixture inspection services also allow us to test on dimensional errors and also report on Gauge R&R tests (Repeatability and Reproducibility) so that you can further analyse the performance of the component.
  • Investigational sub-contract inspection services can often identify why components are not functioning correctly, whether this is due to the original manufacturing, design or machining process.
  • Results can be delivered as standard CMM reports or in pictorial form comparing the component to the CAD model of the part. Our rapid prototyping can then deliver a re-machined part for quality testing.

If you are seeking professional Sub Contract Inspection services, or require further information about our inspection capabilities call JK Engineering now on +44 (0)1923 291555.

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