jk engineering cnc 5 axis milling defense aerospace motorsportThe motor sport industry demands continual innovation, using cutting-edge technology and engineering. However any new precision-engineered component must still be 100% reliable, and made to the tightest specifications – all the time, every time. JK Engineering has an extensive knowledge of your unique demands with many of our engineers having front-line experience in the sport.

The components you require in Formula 1 (and all other leading motorsports) must have the highest accuracy levels, need to be designed and prototyped quickly and produced within very tight deadlines.  Our outstanding success within this industry is founded on our ability to continually meet your high expectations. We use the best and most up-to-date sparking, eroding and milling techniques to create a wide variety of motor sport components, including:

• Suspension components
• Gear box components
• Hydraulics
• Aero components

As we operate state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, and run the best multi-axis machining, we are able to create prototypes quickly, accurately and reliably. From there, we can move to high-precision, short-run production, always meeting your high quality control standards. Obviously, JK Engineering invests heavily in our plant, and always uses the leading technology and machinery to meet your continually changing needs.

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