jk engineering multi axis turning specialists watford londonOur Multi Axis Turning machines have full milling capability which allows us to machine highly complex components that would traditional machined on a combination of different machines. As well as reducing the number of setups this also ensures accuracy that would be lost by moving between processes.

The machines can also automatically load material and have a part unloading facility which lets us cater for large production runs.
jk engineering multi axis turning london millturn machine
Our multi axis turning/milling machines include:

  • 2 Off DMG MORI NLX 2500.
    Sub Spindle Y Axis.
    Ø80mm Bar Feed Capacity, Sub Spindle C Axis and Y Axis,
    20 Station Driven Tool Turret,
    9 & 6 Inch Auto Block Quick Change Chucks,
    Kitagawa 60mm Spring Collet Chucks.
    (work area Ø254mm X 650mm Long).
    LNS Bar feed.
  • 1 Off DMG MORI NTX2000 / 1500S MILLTURN
    Ø65mm Bar Feed Capacity,
    78 Driven Tolls Magazine, C Axis and Y Axis Bar Feed and Tail Stock
    Kitagawa 60mm Spring Collet Chucks.
    (work area Ø250mm X 1500mm Long).
    LNS Bar Feed.
  • 1 Off HARRISON M300GH.
    With Collet Attachment.
    (work area Ø150mm X 500mm Long).

Our machines are supported by the latest CAD CAM software which enables us to programme highly complicated features.  All programming is completed offline, which  means we can provide you with massively reduced lead times on manufacture while still providing the highest quality standards.

JK Engineering are experienced in meeting the requirements of a variety of technologically advanced sectors, such as motor sport engineering, medical equipment machining, marine components, dental equipment machining and aerospace components. JK Engineering’s expertise within these sectors ensures you the highest quality component manufacturing, while consistently providing you with a swift and streamlined service.

If you are seeking expert and professional Multi Axis Turning services, or require further information about our production capabilities call JK Engineering now on +44 (0)1923 291555.

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