jk engineering rapid prototyping cnc 5 axis milling watford londonIf you need a scale model of your metal or plastic component created quickly and accurately, JK Engineering’s expert engineers deliver some of the highest quality rapid prototyping and 3D modelling services in the UK.

Using a range of engineering techniques, our prototyping service enables quick fabrication in real size or scale models of your component using additive manufacturing (AM) or subtractive CNC techniques.  Unlike many engineering companies, we have the technology to enable 2D to 3D solid modelling from one of your own drawings.  Time is often of the essence so with extensive CAD/CAM facilities and both 4 and 5-axis machines we can complete complex components including those with complex curved surfaces in a single hit, so drastically reducing lead times for clients but without compromising on quality.

Using CAD-CAM workflow, we check the validity of your model then work closely with you to produce the prototype in your chosen material using precision machining and milling techniques such as CNC 5 Axis turning.

Why use Rapid Protyping
A scale or real size prototype allows easier communication and visualisation of the effectiveness and efficiency of a particular component. Rapid prototyping allows development time to be cut down andreduces the chance of costly mistakes. For example, mistakes can be identified and corrected early in the process by allowing all interested parties to visualise, comment and adapt the design prior to production. Whether you need to deliver:

• Proof of principle
• Form study prototype
• User experience prototype
• A Visual model to explore the aesthetic, colour and general appearance
• Functional prototype model to simulate the final component

Our rapid prototyping services will quickly deliver a precision prototype on time and on budget.

What types of prototypes can JKE deliver?
Whether you require aerospace, motorsport, dental equipment or marine components,We can deliver rapid prototyping services across a range of materials. Our precision machining and CAD-CAM workflow allow a wide range of rapid prototypes to be created such as:
• Gear box components
• Medical components for carrying gas or liquids
• External components rapid prototyped for testing in wind tunnels
• Plastic fascias for electronic devices
• Rapid prototyping in metals and plastics

All our prototypes are manufactured using the latest CAD CAM workflow and latest machinery to the highest standards of metrology and finish.

rapid prototyping from JK Engineering Specialists in precision engineering services